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Freediving is a way of life, a way to explore our inner self and to achieve things we never thought possible.

It’s about fun, about swimming with marine creatures and about spending quality time underwater without the need for any gear other than a mask, snorkel and a pair of fins. freediving is not all about competition or pushing limits. Apnea International places a strong emphasis on safety in all of its courses. Our goal is to educate our students to enjoy freediving, live a healthy lifestyle and – most importantly – love and respect the ocean.

“I can say without reservation that it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Thanks to your expertise on the course, I continue to learn more about myself each day – as a diver and in general”

At the core of our education system is the understanding that each student has his specific needs. Our courses are designed to provide insights into the different aspects of freediving and they all combine elements which will benefit the student outside the scope of the course.

Why choose Apnea International as your training agency?

Choosing a training agency is the first step in your path to becoming a freediver.  Although most major agencies offer similar levels of courses they differ in some aspects.

Apnea International focuses on the following:
  • We are putting all our years of training and experience in teaching towards creating the safest possible learning environment for you.
  • Our courses are run in small groups – at a maximum of 4 students per instructor for the open water sessions.
  • Instead of numbers, we focus on the enjoyment aspect of freediving.
  • We aim to develop mastery of technique – freediving feels easy when the technique is good.
  • We belive in progressive training – building skills slowly and allowing time for processing.

If teaching freediving  is your passion and calling you have probably discovered how challenging it can be. We put education as our top priority and are committed to supporting our instructors.

You can expect:

  • Swift response to any enquiries you may have – Looking for a solution for an issue a student brings up on a course? Ask us.
  • Responsiveness – We listen and act on any concern or issues our instructors or students bring up.
  • Room for development – We acknowledge expertise and experience as well as hard work and are always happy to collaborate on new ideas.
  • Professional and up-to-date training materials – We constantly update our manuals and teaching materials just watch for changes here on this site!
  • Instructor Toolbox – We maintain a comprehensive library of training materials, further information and tips and tricks which are available to our instructors world wide.
  • Mentoring – Our Instructor Trainers are always there to support.

Stage A

The Stage A course is aimed to provide basic knowledge of the different freediving categories, the important rules of behaviour and the safest way to perform freediving while allowing the fastest improvement.

Stage B

During this course, The students will be exposed to the physiology of the human body, and how it changes during immersion, will learn techniques to improve the relaxation during their dives and training and will enable them to freedive and keep training in a safe & proper way.

Stage C

This course is designed to improve the freedivers knowledge in the more advanced aspects of Freediving. During this course we discuss aspects of deep Freediving such as deep equalisation, packing, mouth-fill , exhale diving ( FRC) and variable weights.

Surf Survival

Surf Survival training – Tackle bigger waves, improve your focus and relaxation. No matter what level of surfer you are, no matter what waves you surf – you could benefit from learning how to improve your breath-hold and core strength.

Instructor Course

The Instructor course is our highest level of training. The course is aimed to take everything you have learned on our courses, use all of your experience as a FreeDiver and add a set of teaching skills to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The movie “The Big Blue” is an inspirational film. The style of Freediving that is shown on the film is called “No-Limits” and is an advanced technique that relies on technology. We concentrate on learning how to dive without technical equipment other than mask and fins. During a course we will be working mainly on Static Apnea, Dynamic Apnea and Constant Weight freediving.

Not at all! Freediving has no prerequisites other than being healthy and having basic fitness. Freediving is a great way to maintain fitness, live a healthy lifestyle while exploring the amazing underwater world. Part of the basic fitness is being a comfortable swimmer, as swimming is a safety requirement for any in-water activity.

Learning how to freedive will make it easier to learn how to scuba dive and will also reduce air consumption which will result in longer scuba dives.

The Stage A course is very comprehensive and teaches you the language and the underlying skill set of Freediving.

Apnea International courses are not striving towards reaching a certain depth, but are geared to improve how we reach any depth, distance (or dolphin) we dive towards. So in our courses, we work on diving better – more efficiently, more relaxed and safer – which will lead also to deeper dives once you decide to put these new skills to the test.

Depth is a by-product of relaxation and good, efficient technique.

In order to work on efficiency and form, there is no need to dive deep. By limiting the depth during your training, you get more and shorter individual dives, which means more feedback for each dive and that way more training during the course.

Safety. Spearfishing is a demanding activity. A freediving course will give you the tools to apply safe practices, make safe decisions and in the long term also to become a more effective hunter by becoming more efficient in the water.

This applies not only to yourself. Especially in situations where external circumstances (the fish you just speared) can create unexpected risks, it is good to have a buddy around who is trained in techniques to keep you safe. A freediving course provides you with this training and will make you a popular hunting buddy.

The stage A course introduces you to an understanding of safe practises, the different forms of Freediving, breathing techniques, preparation, recovery and more. These tools will enable you to dive deeper, for longer and be more comfortable underwater.

Becoming an instructor is the ultimate way of really understanding Freediving. It opens up a door to self exploration, work opportunities, travel, social connections and more.

Becoming an Apnea International Freediving instructor requires a high level of Freediving that allows you to use your own Freediving skills as tools to create a safe and inspiring teaching environment for your students. This level is commonly associated with a high level courses like the Apnea International Stage C certification.

The time frame for completion of this path depends mainly on the candidate. There is no experience requirement to go from the Stage A to the stage B. The Stage C is for Experienced Freedivers that dive beyond 30m and wish to deepen their skillset and overcome limitations and barriers.

One you have completed the Stage C and believe you are ready to begin the instructor course, our instructor trainers will give you support and guidance on the way to your goal.

As an Apnea International Instructor, you will appear on the Map of Freediving and you will be able to offer and run training sessions, workshops and even overseas training expeditions, all with the support of our infrastructure and the experience that is combined in the pool of Apnea International instructors world wide.

If you are in Australia: Apnea Australia is constantly looking for passionate instructors. We can offer weekly courses and mid-week employment in other fields to supplement your hours.

If you are serious about teaching – please contact us today.