Stage A

The Stage A course is aimed to provide basic knowledge of the different freediving categories, the important rules of behaviour and the safest way to perform freediving while allowing the fastest improvement.

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Welcome to the stage A course

About the Stage A Course.

  • Minimum Age: 17 (13 with Parental consent)
  • Open Water Training: 2 sessions
  • Static session + Dynamic Session

This course covers the following subjects:

  • Freediving categories.
  • Safety for freediving. Rules of behavior for freediving.
  • The buddy system and the role of the buddy and diver in training.
  • Training session planning.
  • The difference between a depth session and a Spearfishing session.
  • Equipment for freediving. Which mask, snorkel, fins and suit to choose when you go Training…
  • Physiology for freediving
  • Proper breathing for freediving. We will discuss the first of 3 stages of proper breathing.
  • Relaxation techniques for static training. Relaxation is the most important aspect of Static training.
  • Equalisation techniques.
  • Preventing pressure injuries (barotraumas) whilst Freediving.
  • Freedive emergencies.
  • avoiding and reacting to blackout and “surface samba” (loss of motor control).
The Training sessions include Static breathhold training, Dynamic training and open water sessions.
  • The emphasis is on energy efficient movement in the water.
  • The main idea is to prolong the dive time and not only the depth.

It is important to understand that with proper training and knowledge a Freediver will improve the depth as well as the dive time.