Final Thoughts

Well done! You have completed the first B4s clinic.

This stage aimed to teach you the basics that will assist you to train safely and efficiently.

In ordere for us to deliver the best possible experience, we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Below, is a short, 7 question survey which covers your experience in the course. Please complete this survey after you have completed the practical component of the clinic.

The next steps in the ladder are:

Stage A Course

The Stage A course is aimed to provide basic knowledge of the different freediving categories, the important rules of behaviour and the safest way to perform freediving while allowing the fastest improvement.

This course covers the following subjects:A-card

  • Freediving categories.
  • Safety for freediving.
  • The buddy system.
  • Training session planning.
  • Equipment for freediving. Which mask, snorkel, fins and suit to choose when you go Training…
  • Physiology for freediving
  • Proper breathing for freediving.
  • Relaxation techniques for static training.
  • Equalisation techniques.
  • Preventing pressure injuries (barotraumas) whilst Freediving.
  • Freedive emergencies.
  • Avoiding and reacting to blackout and “surface samba” (loss of motor control).
The Training sessions include Static breathhold training, Dynamic training and open water sessions.
  • The emphasis is on energy efficient movement in the water.
  • The main idea is to prolong the dive time and not only the depth.

Stage B Course – Going deeper

The second course is aimed towards increasing your depth safely and deepening your understanding of the physiological changes that take place during the dive.

This course is limited to 30m

The subject that will be covered:

  • The dive response
  • Advanced breathing
  • Relaxation
  • Nutrition
  • Planning a training session
  • Equalisation
  • Technique and streamlining

Stage C – Mental preparation for advanced freediving

The third course will take you to a whole new level of understanding and performance.

This course will focus on the mental aspects of performance freediving and will provide insights in its various aspects.

To enroll on this course you will need to have experience and understanding of your technique and breathing.

The instructor will assess s your performance, pinpoint your weak points and help you overcome them.

This course will teach you techniques that will allow you to dive deeper than 40m.

The subject that will be covered:C

  • Mental management systems for FreeDivers
  • Nutrition
  • Competitive freediving
  • Goal setting
  • Psychology
  • Deep Equalisation techniques
  • Personal training program

Spearfishing Courses

Apnea International offers specialised spear-fishing classes. The courses teach safe spearfishing techniques, codes of conduct, gear, rigging and other subjects.

Instructor Courseinstructor

The last step in the ladder is the instructor course. This course will allow you to teach “Apnea International” courses.